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Here you can find some very useful links..


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EGO aka Gregg-M

EGO composed and played the entire Space Battle's score. On his site you'll find many informations about his other tunes and his interest.

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Bugman_Z's web page

On this page you'll find various resources about C++ & Java programmation, and an amazing applet drawing Fractals in real time.

The Sadic's 3DS Max Page

The Pixel Inn

Sadic's photoblog.





3D CAFE One of the best ! Many ressources, tutorials and galleries. This site is hudge !!!
3D CITY A good French page.
DISCREET The page of the makers of 3D Studio Max, which was used to produce Space Battle.
3D RING The Biggest 3D Webring.
3D EUROPE An English site, with a lot of pretty cool images and a very interesting forum..
THE 3D STUDIO Lot of tutorials.



As I was a lot inspired by Wing Commander...

WING COMMANDER Combat Information Center

The biggest site I know about Wing Commander. A lot of informations about fan projects (including original video games, fictions and mods for almost every space combat sim), a very complete Database about the Wing Commander Universe, and many fresh news. A must !

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