The Story                Timeline from 1999 to 2356



            The action takes place in 2356 AD. At this time all the Solar System has been settled. Colonies have been built on most of the satellites of the giants planets,   on Mars and on the surface of Pluto-Charo. A large population also live in big cities built on the surface of the bigger asteroids.

            Three major discoveries made this colonization possible : controled fusion , ionic engines, and re-usable launchers of the 3rd and 4th generation that have made the prices of a space launch sink.

            During the first decades of space colonization, the great nations with an access to space travel (USA, European Confederation, Japan, Russia, the Chinese Empire, Brasil and India) made a "race" to  take possession of the most interesting sites. This is during this time that the first the military spaceships were designed. Nuclear war was banned from Earth since the 21th century, but there was no treaties concernig their use in the void of space... During nearly one hundred years, there was no major war between these nations. But there were small struggles involving corsairs and privateers whose missions were sabotages on others colonies and attacks on ennemy conveys. This last until there was an international treaty which divided the known universe between thebelligerents : at this time Earth was completly dependent from its colonies for its minerals so this situation could turn into a general nuclear war.

        During the 24th century, the situation is far more peaceful. People often travel into space, and you can cross the entiere solar system almost as easily as crossing the Pacific Ocean in early 20th century. Civilian ships can move at 2-3% of light speen which allows to go from Earth to Mars in 3 to 12 hours (depending of the positions of the plantes). Of course there are very expensive military ships that can travel far faster ...

        But if the Solar System has been colonized for a while, now one knows what lies beyond. Without faster than light travels, deep space is unattainable for all our probes.

         Around the year 2300, colonies have their own food production and shipyards and begin to become self-sufficients. Of course some of their inhabitants begin to claim indepence...

        In 2356, colonies on Pluto are   fighting to gain their independence from their "motherland" :   USA. As famines and epidemics begin, UW (United Worlds) send conveys protected by neutral nations in order to help the civilians.

        Space Battle begins with the approach of such a convey, protected by two EC fighters, when suddenly...



Timeline, from 1999 to 2356 :

1999 : Deep Space One, the first probe using ionic prpulsion is launched.
2001 : USA withdraw from the ITER project on controled fusion. Japan, European Union and Russia continu to support the project.
First manned Chinese Space Flight.
2007 : ISS is finaly achieved.
2009 : The first car using hydrogen batteries is sold in Asia.
2012 : First samples from Mars are analysed on Earth. Some scientists think we could extract oxygen from the Martian soil.
2017 : The Greenhouse effects begin to be precisely predicted. A general famine could spread around 2100.
2018 : Most of the industrial nation sign a treaty which will ban non-electrical cars by 2020.
Ultimatum from the OPEP countries which threaten to stop their oil production.
3rd Oil crisi which lead the worls to an unprecedented economical crisis.
2019 : 3rd World War. Most of the industrial countries ally to take control of the oil reserves of the OPEP mebers .  After some brief but  violent battles the "Allies" win the war. The Persian Gulf is now under "international" control.
2020 : 23 countries of the European Union adopt their firs federal constitution.
2021 : USA return in the ITER program.
2022 : An international program to design a 3rd generation re-usable space launcher is initiated.
2026 : End of the economical crisis.
2029 : First footprint on Mars.
2034 : First manned radioastronomical base on the dark side of the Moon.
2040 : First launch of a 3rd generation re-usable space laucher. Space launches begin to become very affordable for private compagnies.
Creation of the North African Space Agency (ASNA).
2042 : End of the ITER program. The first commercial power-plant based on fusion is built.
2043 : The countries of the European Union unite and form the European Confederation (EC).
2045 : The first viable antiballistic missile constellation of satellite is launched by the UN. Large scaled Nuclear Dissuasion is obsolete.
2058 : First military only space station lauched by China.
2059 : Creation of the ECSF (EC Space Force) by EC. Pentagon lauch researches about the possibility of Space Warfare.
Robots begin to exploit the mineral ressources of some asteroids. First base in the asteroid field.
2072 : A japanese laboratory discovers new drugs that reinforce the immune system of human body. Life expectancy increases.
2087 : Creation of the first thermonuclear engine which can work in the void of space.  First projects of high speed spaceships which can easily travel trough the solar system.
2094 : The EC invent in secret the firts airplane which fly through the atmosphere by ionising it. This secret kind of "plane" is used as reusable launcher too.
2097 : Begining of the second "Space Race". Russian build a military base on Callisto which is declared to be a part of Russia.
2111 : All satellites and asteroids with an economical interest are explored and colonized by the great nations.
2123 : Some countries which have now an easy access to space and the Solar System and which couldn't colonized satellites during the Space Race are protesting at the UN.
2133 : Beginning of the first war in space. Israel attacks a European convey of minerals from phobos then bomb the ground installations.  In space the heavy European Cruisers can not stand against the light israelian bombers.  On Earth, European gain the advantage with their air and "low space" superiority and use tactical nuclear bombs against israelian troops.
2134 : EC wins the war. As mankind take conscience that wars can begin and spread through space, the United Nation become the United Worlds. The nuclear wars are banned : if a country or a planet use nuclear weapons, all the other nation will declare war to this nation.
2138 : First operations made by corsairs and privateers to slow down the colonization of  space by the other nations. Ligth skirmishes in space.
2160 : EC invent the first true light space fighters using a miniaturized nuclear engine.
2161 : Beginning of Mars terraformation. The process will end around 2700.
2177 : Treaty of  Washington which share the solar system between the diferent nations. Beginning of a real peaceful period after near forty years of piracy acts. The colonies begin to develop incredibly fast .
2201 : Private companies build habitations in the asteroid belt.
2233 : The lunar colonies, the most developped space colonies of the Solar System, unite and become independents.
2259 : Invention of artificial gravity using gravitational waves. The   rotational parts of space craft formerly used to produced such gravity become obsolete. Only the heavier ships can produce such waves.
2297 : Mars become self-sufficient.
2321 :   Some colonies want to become independent.
2353 : Pluto does not want to belong to the USA anymore  secede. Beginig of the second American Civil War.


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